A New Era! Nov 18, 2019
Welcome back!
We've missed you!

Phoenix's Return
It's been a couple of weeks now since Phoenix returned and I'm ever so pleased to have seen a decent amount of players return to Phoenix along with some new players.

One of the biggest worries reviving Phoenix was whether anyone would even join.
The possibility of just a few players joining to take a look then disappearing again wasn't very reassuring while working on reviving the server.

However, proven wrong!
Everyone was extremely excited to see Phoenix return, a peak of 30 players joined in the first 48hrs to check the server out and play on it again, whilst not everyone continued playing it was nice to see familiar faces once again.

Since the reopening we've seen 140 players at the time of writing and only hope to see many more, we've also seen some new players join and stay on the server. I extend a warm welcome to those players and hope they enjoy Phoenix like we all have for many years prior.

There's also zero plans to close Phoenix again, at least anytime in the near future.
Funding is not an issue like it was when we closed, our main focus is players.
We want to retain the current player count and increase it slowly.

It's all about that 1.14.4 look.
We're overjoyed to have been able to revive Phoenix as a 1.14.4 server, it's not been without many struggles as a lot of our plugins had not been updated in the time we were closed, we're still not 100% settled into 1.14.4 and there's still some work to do in order to get Phoenix back in full swing.

We also plan to remain at 1.14.4 for a while, currently 1.15 is in the works and is due for release some point in the next month or so.
We will not be updating to 1.15 for a little while until server software and plugins that rely on 1.14.4 have been updated for the sake of everyone involved!

You can read about the 1.15 changes here:

There is also 1.16 in the works, known as the Nether Update. This is due some time next year with no official release date announced. This too will not be updated to for a short while.

We will post an announcement on here when we have a confirmed date that we will be updated by.

How connect do I?
We've had a few users report issues connecting to Phoenix while using the p-n.ca hostname, although we are using SRV records which Minecraft does support, not everyone has been able to connect.

For those who are still struggling to connect please use play.p-n.ca to connect.

If you're using the actual IP to connect, please refrain from doing so. If we change providers or servers it may result in you being unable to connect if the IP changes.

Out with the old... In with the new.. plugins!
Okay, uh. Where to begin.

As briefly detailed above, we've updated to 1.14.4 from 1.11.2
This hasn't been an easy task in the slightest with many plugins having been discontinued or just not updated in the past 2 years.

In many cases we've simply had to just replace the plugins which has been rather annoying for everyone involved. A great example of this has been our Economy plugin we used a brilliant plugin named CraftConomy3 the plugin had many features even though we didn't utilise all of them, however we've had to settle for another plugin that has basic database support and is quite lacking in different areas and is really just a band aid approach as it just does the job.

As many have noticed we've had issues with the jobs plugin, which we're still working on sorting as we have to port the old config over. That is soon due to be done.

We also sadly had to wave goodbye to Spleef and MobArena as their plugins hadn't been updated, as if by magic we managed to find an updated version of MobArena that works on 1.14.4 although this required completely redoing our configuration (which we're still partway through) and even now we're dealing with ongoing bugs.

At the end of the day, the core feature set of the server is working again with small bugs being reported and resolved constantly to resolve the ongoing issues.

If you come across a bug then please report it in #support in Discord!

418 - I'm a teapot
Currently we're having some issues with the site which results in players being unable to log into the site and manage their account, this includes market signs and linked Minecraft accounts.

Although our website is a thousand times better looking and functioning since the days of Enjin it's still not perfect and I'm actively working on creating a new website to replace this, although you shouldn't notice much of a difference if all goes well!

That's about it for now!
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