Website Profiles and MC Account Linking Jan 21, 2017
This is a quick post just to announce some new features on our website!

Website Profiles
Website profiles are now a thing, you can see a users profile along with their linked Minecraft accounts.
You can also see their staff position on their profile page.

You can see an example of this on my own profile:

Everyone who has a forum/website account has a profile page, just go to the above address, replacing my username with your username.
If you're wondering what the tick is beside my name, that means that forum account is a verified profile and it is actually me.

If you're unsure that someone is who they say they are just go to their website profile and look for the tick beside their name.
Account verification is manual and can only be applied by myself. You can reply to this topic requesting your account to be verified.
The requirement is simply that you have 1 linked Minecraft Account that is verified.
Forum accounts with the same name as well known people or other Minecraft accounts e.g. "Notch" will be denied verification.

MC Account Linking
You can now link your Minecraft account to your website account in a few easy steps.

  1. Log into the website at
  2. On the homepage click your username in the top right or just go to
  3. Click "Characters" on the navigation menu in the top right or just go to
  4. Click the "Add Character" button in the top right and enter your username. You must have connected to Phoenix at least once!
  5. Follow the instructions, they will ask you to run the command "/phoenix verify CODE"
  6. When you have verified your account you can mark it as your main account, go to "Characters" and click "Make Default" on the account you wish to mark as your main account.

Your main account will show as your "Minecraft IGN" when you create a forum post.

If you're stuck ask for help in game or reply to this topic!
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