Market Signs! Jan 11, 2017

As an additional perk for Market plots we've introduced custom signs!
Market signs can show almost anything, all you'll need is a bit of time to sit and create your market sign.

Things to note
Currently you must contact the dev team to have your sign added!
In the future we plan on adding an option for everyone to upload their own market signs.

When creating your sign note the colours you can use (See below)
take into account all plot signs have their plot number in the bottom left of their sign as can be seen on the screenshot above.
The plot number roughly takes up 15x30 pixels (Estimated)

Getting a market sign
You must meet the following criteria to have a market sign:

  • Obviously, You must own a market store in your name
  • Market signs must be 512 Pixels wide and 128 Pixels High
  • The sign must NOT contain explicit material
  • The sign must NOT contain any cussing
  • The sign must NOT show a link to websites or other content
  • Advertising a town (e.g. a towns market plot) is allowed.
  • Signs MUST be a PNG image. If they are not they will be converted to one. (This means animations aren't possible)
  • Signs must NOT be low effort and look like they were made in 5 minutes using paint.

Providing you meet this criteria upload your sign to an image hosting website such as imgur and let staff know.
You will need to give staff the URL to your image as well as the market plot number.
Your plot number can be found in the bottom left of your current sign.

An example:
Use this image for a size template:

Due to the fact we use maps to handle this there is only a limited amount of colours you can work with.
Creating your maps in Photoshop/GIMP/Paint with full colours IS fine but you must be aware a few colours will be lost.

If you'd like a list of ALL colours you can find them here:

When I have chance I'll provide links to palettes you can import into Photoshop or GIMP.
If you choose to create your own palette you can convert a full colour image into the
map version image in GIMP/Photoshop - I strongly recommend using the dithering effect to get
the best quality out of the image.

I plan on creating a video showing this soon.

If you have any questions reply below :)
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