Auction Bug and Profile Updates! Jan 2, 2017
It's time for us to make some changes on Phoenix!
Our recent change is the addition of Achievements to the Profiles system,
Doing /profile will now show how many achievements you have.

You will also find that we now track how many ruins have been found.
Although due to this being a new statistic everyone has started at zero,
we've not previously logged ruin finds until now (Sorry guys :< )

In the coming week you will also find achievements appearing on profile pages as well as player statistics.
However this is still very much work in progress. We'll start to add more interesting statistics as we think of them.
We don't immediately plan on adding Minecraft stats just yet. We do however plan on adding interesting statistics.

Now the clickbait in the title..
It's true, we've found a bug in the Auction plugin.
There's been a change since 1.11 that has changed how spawn eggs work.
As a result it has broken them, auctioning a spawn egg will break the plugin and render the spawn egg useless.
It will change into a white spawn egg that does nothing.
Please do not auction a spawn egg, doing so breaks the auction and I will not hesitate to punish for it.
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