Happy New Year! Jan 1, 2017
Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017!

The entire staff team would like to extend our greetings from 2017!
I'd personally like to thank everyone who has stuck with us for sticking with us.
2016 has been a difficult year for everyone and for Phoenix.
We've had some major ups and downs, however that was 2016!

It's time for us to start a new chapter and write a better 2017 for Phoenix.
From this point on the staff team plan on doing our absolute best to make our future better.
At one point we didn't know if we'd manage to hit 2016 let alone 2017!
But we've managed to make it here in one piece.

We've lots to do in our first few weeks in 2017.
Stay tuned to find out what!

Everyone enjoy your New Years Celebrations!
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