Welcome to the new Forums & Website Nov 20, 2016
Welcome to the new Phoenix Forums and Website!

It becomes more and more clear to us that switching from Enjin is a more affordable choice.
Especially after the fact we can host our website on our own servers and use free software.

You will find everything you can normally access on our new website and forums.
There are a few features lost but most of these features we don't deem necessary.

If you find a feature missing that you found useful and would really like back, let us know!
Our suggestion forum is as ever the best place to suggest new changes for Phoenix :)

For those wondering, we're unable to transfer accounts over from Enjin.
Enjin accounts are not under our control sadly.
We do plan on keeping a archived version of our Enjin site at http://vintage.p-n.ca/
However we're having issues with that. We'll keep you posted.

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