Welcome to the Development Announcements! Dec 22, 2016
Hi there stranger!
Welcome to our development announcement blog/forum!

Whenever we change something on Phoenix we'll let everyone know here.
Announcements will be generally limited to any major game changes or fixes.
We won't be announcing every little change here though.

If you're on our forums, you can find the announcements in a smaller and more convenient format to consume over on our new homepage:
On our dev blog page you'll see the same announcements but cut down to just the main post.
You'll be able to view the original thread for the post by clicking the link in the bottom right of the post!

If you're on our blog dev, welcome to the easy to read format!
If you wanted to leave a response on a blog post you'll want to use the forums!
Just click the "View on forums" link in the bottom right of the post, it'll take you straight there.

You can view all of our previous development announcements by scrolling down and using the page navigation buttons at the bottom of the developer blog, or you can view the forum board directly via this link: https://p-n.ca/forum/viewforum.php?f=26

Enjoy :)
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