First Ruin! (250XP)
Well done! You've found your first ruin!
Achieved Jan 2, 2017
Just Like Smophers! (400XP)
Just like Smophers did, you found 100 ruins!
Achieved Jan 4, 2017
The Cake is a lie. (50XP)
We ran out of cake.
Achieved Jan 7, 2017
200 Ruins Found! (600XP)
WOOO!! You found 200 ruins, you may be addicted!
Achieved Jan 8, 2017
First vote! (500XP)
Vote for Phoenix for the first time!
Achieved Jan 18, 2017
Test Achievement
Test passed! Well done!
Make like R3mBot (500XP)
Get to level 25 like R3mBot did!
First MA Win! (500XP)
Win your first game of Mob Arena!
Tame your first Llama!
Receive love from MajesticFudgie
Beat Parkour (1000XP)
Hardcore parkour! Beat the parkour course once!
Voting up a storm! (1000XP)
Vote 250 times!