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Phoenix Towns (26)
-Ominous- — New Eltos is bad
.-.BigPpGang.-. — /town set board [msg]
Aeaea — /town set board [msg]
Almagest — When youre the author of your own fate, you dont want to write a tragedy. - Chris Hadfield
Anhk-Morpork — /town set board [msg]
arcadia — /town set board [msg]
Ashvale — Ashvale, capital of Phoenix in the land of Pimora
bigpp — /town set board [msg]
Bowerstone — /town set board [msg]
Dragons — In memory of the original Dragon town Established in 2014
HopeWorld — hope right here
Icedell — Welcome to Icedell!
Inchcailloch — /town set board [msg]
Kirotoshi — Ooga Booga
LiamsTown — /town set board [msg]
Lionheart — A Lonesome Doodle builds in creative. (no player joins, no embassies)
New_Eltos — Welcome to New Eltos, Rebuilt after the fall and rise again of Phoenix!
Origicide — Valyrian
PlaceHolder — /town set board [msg]
Realgar — Powder of the Mine
Sendai — /town set board [msg]
Serenity — /town set board [msg]
society — We live in a society
Solitude — uwu whats this
TheProCheese — /town set board [msg]
Tundra — ahri **** is love