Phoenix Minecraft Closure

Press F to pay respects

Under a decision by the staff team an agreement has been reached to put Phoenix to rest. From February 15th Phoenix will no longer be online. Donations will no longer be taken and in game issues will not be dealt with. Our entire service will cease to operate and to exist.

I'd like to thank every player thats come through our doors, no matter how good or bad you have been. You've been part of our history and our makeup. Without you Phoenix would be just another small Towny server trying to make it big.

Instead Phoenix has had a long, complicated and feature packed history spanning 3 years, 10 months and 24 days. Thankyou for helping us fly our flag.

- MajesticFudgie, Owner

More Infomation:

About Phoenix

Phoenix was started way back in March 2013 (24th), that's nearly 4 years ago! It was first founded as NapkinCraft, a Factions server by Napkin577

As we stand, we have 776 residents, and we've seen over 6,000 in the last year! We have 81 towns at the moment, but have had 200+.

We have seen 7 owners come and go, (in no particular order) Napkin577, 117n00b, BrianTheProg, bereza12 (Crypto), Aragorn69, TheAppleNut2 and finally MajesticFudgie

Phoenix, at it's largest consisted of four feature servers Factions, Towny, Minigames and Creative(Build) between them having seen ~20,000 players come and go.

The server has had various names in its time and has been known as NapkinCraft,,, and finally Phoenix

What's happening?

Phoenix Minecraft (Previously known as Phoenix Network,,, and NapkinCraft),

Is closing down properly and for good. All services will be suspended. Those due refunds within the past 30 days will recieve them where possible, see "Donation Refunds?".

All staff will leave Phoenix and this site will remain as is until the domain expires or something otherwise happens. Our domains and will not be purchaseable from us, and will remain in our ownership until expiry.

We will be hosting our Towny map along with some select data for the community to download, see "Can I have the server/map? and we will proceed to close down our vote pages and so forth. Our social media will remain up for 1 month to answer queries and offer any advice to long time players or donors.

This isn't a decision we've taken lightly and has taken a lot of debate to actually come to. We didn't want to have to close but we felt it was the best step to take for various reasons.

Why's it happening?

Phoenix's closure is the result of the agreement between our staff team to cease operation of the server. We've done this for a few reasons.

The server has existed for almost 4 years and has changed hands many times and altered what it does and how it does it in attempt to survive and maintain its size, playerbase and donor income.

However, as times change within the Minecraft community as interests shift and other incidents sway the outcome of many servers such as the EULA it has made it harder and harder to keep up. We've managed to maintain a tiny player count of 10 and during different times of the year we've managed to peak at between 30-40 players

A far cry from our 120-150 player counts back when Phoenix's Towny server was at its highest. We've crashed into the ground a few times and barely recovered, normally left limping. However the question has now become `How often does this have to keep happening?` the obvious answer is always never again. Only to be proven completely wrong

So far the past year Phoenix has been figuratively limping along with a small staff team that don't always work as a team in some situations, a management team that has tried its best but been unable to get our formula right and a community which at the worst of times has made it harder for Phoenix to move forward.

This isn't to say that our staff team, management team or community are terrible and soley to blame for Phoenix's closure. Different factors have contributed such as lack of funds caused by the EULA compliance, or the staff team (management included) letting stuff slide.

It has simply come to a point where to continue attempting to run Phoenix with our current situations would be equal to that of beating a dead horse. It's dead and it's not coming back. However, this is not to say we haven't tried. Many people have walked through the staff teams chat over the years and had their say and their contributions

to Phoenix, which is certainly better than actually beating a dead horse with a long stick. Various resets have attempted to revive Phoenix and have failed. We wish we could put our finger on one sole cause for this but we can't however much some would like to point their finger straight at me (MajesticFudgie) and single me out as Phoenix's doom

however that is a topic for another day and this isn't about me. It's about Phoenix.

Will Phoenix Re-open?

In a short answer, No.

If for some reason Phoenix does reopen it wouldn't be under the current management. Right now for the near future there are zero plans to sell off Phoenix or give it to anybody else. We intend to gracefully close Phoenix properly and on our own terms and not somebody elses

This isn't to say we haven't considered this as an option of which ended up being ruled out by the staff team with only one vote for this. Even if we had, we'd need to find someone we trust and are willing to sell to.

Our primary fear in doing this would that Phoenix would be lost and anyone who takes on Phoenix would only do it for what they deem useful such as our custom plugins and custom website as well as its map which would all be repurposed for their own server.

Donation Refunds?

A muddy and complicated topic but one that must be covered and made clear.

Donations will be returned back to their original owners as a full refund, but only for those who have donated in the last 30 days although it would be nice of us to refund every single donor it would be impossible and unfair on those who have to deal with the debt

Phoenix's previous owners have had a hand in setting the prices used on the store that allowed Phoenix to rack up to almost $2,000 in one month. We can't pay our ~$111 (USD) bill currently. Never mind a total refund.

We would like to bring attention to the fact that past donations made cannot be chargedback and chargebacks would be resolved against. Donations do not pay for a service and are strictly seen as donations to host Phoenix

with added benefits given in return. Even in the event you wish to debate that buying packages off our store is purchasing a product, the product expires as soon as you recieve it. Items have already been used and rank titles, pets and otherwise have already been given to you

failiure to use a pet, title, item or otherwise is soley upon your own shoulders for not making full use of what you recieved.

We hope this makes it sufficiently clear, we can be contacted on Twitter @PhoenixMCN if you have any further questions.

Donors within the past 30 days will have their refund sorted by us as soon as this notice goes up. Any further refunds will not be given and any new donations sent direct will be instantly refunded/refused.

What happens next?

As detailed sparsely above, Phoenix will cease complete access to its services February 15th, 2017 and all will remain is this page and any links to further information or map/server data.

Phoenix will remain with this closure page until its domain drops February 3rd, 2018 and that will be it.

Any hosted data will no longer be hosted past March 15th, 2017, on the same date or around that date our Social Media will cease to be updated or exist.

Our site code or forums cannot be requested, however we may be willing to provide any data uploaded to our forums.

Can I have the server/map?

We will not be willing to provide any of our actual server data. This means our plugins and their data. A large majority of our plugins are custom written for Phoenix by MajesticFudgie and will remain his property to do as he wishes. May this be reuse for future projects, sell or destroy.

We will however be providing a zipped archive of our maps. This includes our main Towny World, our Towny End World and our Towny Nether World. The Interiors world may be requested however we cannot easily provide coordinates for our interiors.

Along with our worlds we will provide co-ordinates to Town spawns and outposts in an included text file, you may use this to teleport to different towns to see them, burn them down or snoop through peoples chests.

We encourage you to turf out the Spawn to find any secrets left over in it. There's some interesting finds ;-)

The download link will be provided below this section up to 7 days after March 15th, 2017, the content will be hosted for one month after the date is released. We will announce its release on our Twitter

World & Data Downloads

Find below downloads for worlds and towny data, the data you download has been preformatted for ease of reading in notepad! Database backups aren't possible. Sorry.

Towny World

Last Words..

Below is a compiled list of last words from members of the staff team. It will be updated as more staff contribute. You are welcome to contribute your own last words up until March 15th, 2017, we encourage you to type them up in a pastebin along with your username and optionally your first name or other names people may know you by.

You may then directly message this on Twitter to us or hand it to a member of the staff team who will still be in staff chat for a bit. As is obvious offensive last words will NOT be shown. Let's have one last time to show how great our community is.

I've got a lot to say about Phoenix, my time here, its community and the events leading up to today. I've made an effort to document my 3 years with Phoenix and generally whats happened. I've documented big events I remember. I can't remember everything, you can find it here:

But to summarise, We've all been through alot, Phoenix has been through a lot. Thick and thin for us all. I've learnt a lot from Phoenix, being the one who's name appears on announcements when we do something major, that guy that deals with anything that happens.

Some moments were absolutely awful and I didn't enjoy it. But great moments with the team outweigh the bad. I've done my best to run Phoenix, I gave it all I could. I've made many memories and strong friendships from Phoenix. Even a relationship out of it thats going strong still, today.

I'll miss Phoenix and having something to channel my creativity and spark but, It's time for me to move on. I'm happier closing Phoenix properly than trying to leave and have it die, miserably.

I thank you all from the bottom of the heart for the good and the bad memories you've given me. I can't wait to see where people from Phoenix are in one year's time. With jobs, in college, in university. Doing something awesome.

Everyone's capable of awesome and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Thomas Edwards

- Bam (Insert sinking ship image)

Thomas (MajesticFudgie, Owner & Developer)

Phoenix has been a long journey for lots of us staff members and players, we've had our ups and our downs but we've always made it through.

Sadly that was not the case this time. First off I'd like to say f**k yeah, look at what we did, what we accomplished, the people we met, the friends we have made, the friends we will continue to have.

Phoenix was just a server, what made everything real and important and what kept me on phoenix as staff was you guys, our community!

We could not have done any of this without you guys for such a long time.

Phoenix has been running over 3 years and I've had tons of fun here as a player and as a staff member, I've spent countless hours working on phoenix as well as the other staff members here have too.

It's been a great honor working on phoenix and making new features for all of you guys to enjoy. I myself will continue to develop on other projects that I have been working on.

If you wish to keep contact with me friend me on Enjin. Skype: live:psalmsfighter or discord: MinecraftLapis#7244

Thank you guys for the opportunity to make things for you guys, I will miss everyone on phoenix even if I ever punished you or did anything to you in anyway.

Stay strong guys, phoenix's are known for something and thats that they die and come back to life. Keep that in mind and don't forget about us!

Collin (MinecraftLapis, Developer)

For the past nearly 3 years I have played on this server. I have had my ups and my downs along with the server.

I have had some memorable moments, from getting staff and achieving the goals I set out and making some great friends along the way.

This place has been my home away from home when times were tough, and it has also been the place to cause a lot of anger even at times.

I still look at this server as a place that I wont forget as it has let me understand a lot about myself and what I want to do in my future.

I also really want to thank the Staff team for always having each others backs when it came to person problems and just being a hand to hold when you were sad, mad.

Also a group of people to have a laugh with and joke around with one another. I also want to thank the community for being a great bunch of people that made me want to keep working and keep bettering myself, so that I could make a place that everyone could enjoy.

Thank you for these 3 great years.

Darius (ThaatOneKiiid, Manager)

Even though, I haven't voted on the internal poll (a struggle to choose) I have written a essay.

To be honest, It's sad to see Phoenix go, I will miss it deeply.

I first joined Phoenix when MajesticFudgie Invited me, (I think around 2014 or earlier, (yay memory)).

The server has been through so much, between the Owner changes, server moves and staff. (*Potaco flashbacks*) I hope to stay in contact with the staff team (Well the ones that want to stay in contact with me)

Again, it's sad so see Phoenix has come to this.

I also wanted to point out, how fun it has been to have been staff on this server, even though it may of costed some of my sanity (no idea if I have much left lol)

Tony (darkgamer120, Developer)

There have been only two servers I have stuck with for a while in the past three years I have played minecraft. One of them I met one of my best friends on, but unfortunately the server died. The other is Phoenix. I remember it was in the summer of 2015.


I was then indoctrinated into my very first town ever in the entire game of minecraft (I had been obsessed with prisons and minigames for like a year): Misfit. No town could compare to it, it was small, but it was the ideal town that kept players on the server. Not too big, not too small. A nice small community. I remember our mayor, Firestar. I would have to say that was my ideal time at Phoenix. Unfortunately it lasted a short period of three-ish months. I then discovered the outside world beyond our town. I got into brewing with Neoyn and some others. I remember at this time Tylerkelly and I absolutely hated each other. Constantly at each other's throats for the stupidest shit. I applied for staff, got trainee, failed and was demoted. That was fun. That experience really introduced me to the entirety of the server though.

It was at this point I was mayor of Daath. An all out PVP zone. Yep right here was where I got obsessed with PVP and challenged anyone I could. JP, Revan, my homeboys in my town. I actually had Prowl donate $20 on my account to get me paladin. That was fun because people noticed me more c: Got tired of that abandoned town. I ended up giving it to Neoyn I believe as an outpost. I moved on. Went from town to town. I believe the next one I landed in was Lekithan. A town that had all donors or all staff members and very few citizens. I made a shitty rendition of the Taj Mahal. I don't even think I lived in it cus it was so bad. Napkin resigned. Still never found out what that Gem of Owner's Past was "supposedly" supposed to do or buy. Quit phoenix for a while.

I then came back to find that JP was fairly active and was attempting to bring life to his town Pacifico. He brought me into his wonderful modern town. Gorgeous farms. Between JP, me and Isaiahchill we became the richest town at one point. I recruited at least 6 extremely active members. I remember JP giving me a ship in the middle of the ocean from an abandoned town. More so a shitty fort but hey it was my home for so long. Town members and I worked on the creative server to produce the very first vanilla minecraft fully functional subway system. Boy what a shitty disaster that was. I worked hours and hours on end to try and figure how to move a simple 5x5x7 subway car using redstone and pistons but to no avail. Around this time as well I found my new passion once I gave up brewing and the subway system: paintball. Remember that Tyler, panda, jeremy? We would constantly play paintball. It got to a point where I practiced so much it was rare that anyone ever actually beat me. Only person I had huge trouble playing against was Apple. I ended up having the highest points, and no one would play pb with me anymore for some reason ;~; so I gave up on that, quit Pacifico, quit phoenix. I remained very active on the forums. After the restart I tried becoming active again, got promoted to Helper, aaaaaand then got grounded for a month and a half (bless fudgie for letting me remain staff till I got back). I became active again, got semi-rich, met some new players and that brings me to where it is today.


I will forever hold Phoenix very close to my heart, being the sole server I was extremely active on. I'm not saying Phoenix was perfect, because it certainly had its flaws, but it was good enough for me. I loved it, and I still do. It really is a shame to see it die, but in the words of Bilbo Baggins, it is like "butter scraped over too much bread". You can only keep something lasting for so long until it drops. It was through this server that I met some pretty amazing people, two of which introduced me (kinda) to someone who I consider to be one of my closest friends (unfortunately she has never really been on this server it was kidna indirect me meeting her so none of you know her except like Ray and Becca). Honestly I can't bear to see Phoenix die any more so I'm sort of grateful it's being put to rest. I had so much fun on this server, and I honestly don't think I will ever find another server like it again (yknow unless someone has any ideas then message me on skype plz c; ). It's been fun playing with all of you, and a wonderful honor of being staff with all of these lovlies.

Sincerely and with as much regret as possible saying this,


Jesse (MidnightTune, Helper)

I don't really know what to say. I'm gonna miss the community, as crazy as it was, the community was really what made Phoenix different for me.

I've been here for a few years (since around 2014 if I'm correct) and I've seen a lot of players come and go, even I left and came back.

All the fun over the years is something I'll never forget.

I'm happy that I'm lucky enough to be able to say I was a staff member here for as long as I was, not even just a staff member, just a player in general.

I've made a lot of friends here, a lot of life long friends too. And just because the server is gone, doesn't mean those friendships are.

I just want to thank a few people for all they've done, even if they don't see this. People that I'll never forget are Becca, you're my twin so I can't forget about you how much I try;

Ionic, you're like a big sister to me and mean the world to me! I'll never leave you even if you want me to <3;

Mike, you're an amazing friend and so fun to skype and play with;

Lapis, I've known you for a little under a year and all the times me you and Becca played Minecraft Murder were always so much fun;

Eddgamer2, where do I even begin? You always made everything funny and sometimes wierd, but something was always happening XD;

TheAppleNut2, you're the one who hired me way back, you gave me a chance at staff which got me to stay here for as long as I did, you always were their if someone needed to talk and I wish you luck with eveything you're doing now!

Liz, I'll always be here for you and you're an amazing person and I love you!

Other people I would like to thank are Jazzy, Fudgie, Scar, Traphex, Tainted, Rem, Umbra, McDevil, Amber, and many more.

I've been through a lot with this server and everyone and everything to do with Phoenix means the world to me.

Just because this is a sappy post doesn't mean this is goodbye, I'm sure I'll see a lot of you around elsewhere. I love all of you guys <3

Ray (RayGun1901, Admin)

My stay at Phoenix for the past 3 years has been amazing.

I have so many memories here both good and some bad and some that have been highlights of my teenage years.

My first day on Phoenix in 2014 consisted of me border griefing a town and getting away with it.

My first day as a helper consisted of me being taught the ropes of staffing by lurch even though he was a helper too and of Liz, if I remember correctly, sassing me for being a complete shit staff member that didn't know any commands which was totally true.

My first day as a moderator consisted of me being overjoyed that I finally get promoted after about 3 months as a helper.

My first day as a senior moderator consisted of me being finally happy I was smod after about 6 months of being a moderator which ended about a week later due to me leaving for my sisters health and friendships I thought would last longer then they did and resulted in me having to work my way back up to my old rank for a few months.

My first day as a seniormod+ consisted of me getting on sometime in the night because I got spammed by Ray that I got promoted.

My first day as an admin wasn't that different, I was happy again I got promoted and spent the day talking to my two best friends.

Throughout my ride here, I have seen ownership changes, resets, cancerous players ruining everyone's fun, and have made lots of new friends that I will cherish forever.

Some highlights of my time on Phoenix have been being part of Potaco, owning the biggest nation on 2 maps, building with my friends, late night weekend skype calls, playing gather games, building the current maps spawn, dubtrack sessions with players, and many more!

Some people that I want to thank for an amazing time on Phoenix are MajesticFudgie, ThaatOneKiiid, MinorMiner79er, lurch840, Celtics_Mikeman4, MinecraftLapis, Chunusi7, 2ToeTommy, GamerGirl20, darkgamer120, shmoeface, Neoyn, NamelessLegate, Bryston, R3mBot, Umbra_Daemonis, Aristocrat, Alguy1, Goodboynick, sabertoothproton, MiirymTheDragon, Sirfartsalot2001, and many more!

But, there are two specific people I did not mention in that list: RayGun1901 and IonicRose.

You two have been my best friends on Phoenix and off Phoenix.

I love you two so much and I'm so happy we all got to form our friendship on Phoenix and create so many memories and we'll still be able to create so many more in future too.

All in all, some of these few people listed have made my time here worth it.

It makes me so sad to see Phoenix end up like this after being here for so long and seeing MajesticFudgie and other management members put their heart and soul into this server time and time again.

For me, no other towny server can replace what I have created and learned here at Phoenix throughout these 3 years.

It pains me to be writing this and see all the hard work disappear. I love this server with my whole heart and never wished it to come to this, but I guess there's no way of stopping it now.

So, all we can do is look back at those happy memories and remember what once was and smile and sustain those lasting friendships that were made.

Thank you all of you reading this for an amazing few years! <3

Ps. Rip Tamoura's Palace it will be missed and all mikes time slaving away at getting bone blocks for me

Becca (Beccanator78, Admin)

This server has been through so much and has never stopped trying, will never forget it.

TraxToo (Trainee)

I found phoenix almost a year ago when I was in a dark chapter of my life. My friend from college had pointed me toward the server. I fell in love with the awesome custom plugins. But most of all I fell in love with the community and the staff. I have made so many amazing friends. I moved up quickly from Thorbardins town assistant, to Ambassador/Helper, to Architect, to Moderator, and Lead Helper. I loved severing as a staff member and I hope all of you felt like I did the job well. I always tried putting the staff and players first.

I always hate to make a list of people I’ve come to care about because there’s so many great people and I’m bound to miss someone, but I have to thank those who have touched my heart.

Becca & Ray: You guys have become my sisters. Some of my favorite times on this server was spent with you guys. I feel like we have known each other forever. And you better believe I will stay the unofficial twin and be at your graduation in a few years. Love you! Turtle club forever.

Fudgie: Thank you for taking me under your wing. For teaching me world edit, for allowing me to create the ruins. For teaching me how to make items. For seeing the potential in me. I knew I was great at teaching and subbing, but I never thought I’d be an architect, a mod, a lead and trainer. And most of all, I thank you for your friendship. It was a gift.

Lurch: Thank you for being my first trainer, and most importantly my friend. I know you take loads of crap, but you are such a great person. I know we have butted heads and had some pretty good fights about how some things should be done, but you have my admiration, friendship, and my number.

DarkGamer: Ayyy Toneh you are so awesome. Cake is yummy. I will get you to have a vocal conversation with me. You’re stuck with my friendship yo. :P

Bke1p and Shmoeface. I love you guys. I will always remember stupid crap we got up to, the dragons we made in realms, and how you guys made me laugh. Kelpie, good luck with the truck driver school. I know you can do it!

Kiiid: I’ll miss your random shenanigans. You are hilarious. Never let that humor fade. And have fun keeping fugs warm ;P.

Lapis: I will always be thankful for your kind words and vouching for me to become a staff member. I am glad I got to know you a little bit, and I hope to stay in touch! We need to minecraft murder again sometime!

Trax: Hey man! I will still always remember us being the first and last ambassadors. How badass is that?! It was so fun having you as part of my team. <3

CelticsMikeman: Heyy its been so fun having you as part of the town. We will definitely have to keep in touch man!

SabertoothKitten: I gotta give you a shoutout. I loved having you on phoenix. Keep on rockin’ at life.

To My Helpers: I love you guys so much! I know I have to be strict sometimes. To a few of you I had to give a scolding or two. To a few more of you I was on leave when you were brought on and I was still building relationships with you. I want you to know that I like each and every one of you as people, yes that includes you. If I did not have faith that every single one of you were or would be great then you wouldn’t be on my team! And guess what, we were one of the most active and best groups ;)

To everyone else: I know I may not have mentioned you by name, mostly because my hands hurt and the tears are pouring, but I love each and every one of you. Thank you for being a part of phoenix. Thank you for helping be a light in my life. Thank you for the laughs, the memories, or the crazy stories. Thank you. If you want to keep in touch message me in the phoenix site and we can get contact details.

Mira (IonicRose, Lead Helper)

Phoenix has been many things, but in the positive aspects of it, Phoenix brought people together who would likely never have met otherwise. It provided a place of escape for those who needed it, even if for some it eventually became their punching bag. This place has given me a lot; both grief and good friends. It is likely that for many, I am simply the owner's girlfriend and that's fair, but I certainly didn't start that way.

I could say many things about Phoenix. Good things. Terrible things. To go over them all in detail would take far too long, so I'm going to stay vague as possible. I joined as a player in summer 2014, applied for staff out of curiosity (and thinking I definitely wouldn't get it), and then became a trial-moderator two weeks after joining. At the time, I joined towny while looking for small servers to play on (my old favorite had shut down), and I stuck around. Sad as it is, I think I stuck around because people seemed to like me for the most part. Some a little too much. I wish I could have kept in contact with everyone because I miss a few of them sometimes. I met some interesting people; some who would grow on me and then would fade from memory. I met some not-so-interesting and downright revolting people (if we're being real - a lot of them were from factions, just not all of them). Overall while I was staff, I did the best I could with what I was given, made staff changes, befriended most of the staff members, and I focused on one fact: all staff and all players are people behind their screens looking for a community. Because I was the same way at that time, I tried to provide that for people. I can't say whether I was successful, but in the time that I was climbing ranks t-mod, moderator, admin, and then manager, I was mostly happy with the server and appreciated the people I staffed with. I saw Phoenix towny grow from a peak of 20 players to peaks of 120 during the second reset and managed the great team I had built up. I wrote out thorough Staff Guidelines During my time as manager approving or disapproving staff applications, I sat for hours scanning through them (I believe at one point there were 70 to go through) and with the help of my team, sorted through them all and hired some on. As a point of pride, I hired many people who would go on to be great staff members or at the top of the team, including MajesticFudgie himself when he was TMFKSOFT. I resigned on March 1, 2015 due to the issues simmering both in the management staff and my own life and I named TheAppleNut2 as manager. I mainly stuck around as a pseudo-architect (and I've been opped since I got manager in late 2014, so I was clearly some sort of trusted) ever since that point. I also stuck around for a certain silly someone of mine called Tom/MajesticFudgie, who I could "put up with" (as he says in his resignation message) any day. I helped build the second reset in 2014, founded Atlas and built some of it for the 2015 reset, and stuck around to head the spawnbuild for the reset in August 2016. This server has seen me through a lot, good or bad, and I've seen it through its various ups and downs. I was 20 when I joined, I'm 23 writing this. I honestly don't know how the hell I've been around as long as I have, but I now appreciate all that Phoenix was and all that it still is in the minds of the people it has brought together. While on Phoenix, I went through moving twice, three years of undergraduate school, finding my first job, finding someone I loved and still very much do, visiting that someone in another country, finding more about myself than I ever have, and improving my mental and physical health in leaps and in strides. I still am not my best, but I know I'm improving. I complete undergrad school this year, I may finally finish my novel, I'm leaving my shitty barista job, and I'm always moving towards what I want next. I'm not perfect, but I'm much better than I was. I've broken free of all the boxes I've ever been put in. And all this in the basis of a silly minecraft server and an even sillier community. Life is strange. I'm sad to see it go in a way but it had its run, and everything must end. This end is due to many things, and no one person should be blamed for it all. Current staff did what they could with what little they had, and I commend them very much for that.

Into the unknown, I go to seek a great perhaps. And my final advice is honestly the same as it was when I wrote my management resignation post:

Take care, everyone. Stop being assholes and be nicer to each other. It’s easier that way. Shut out negativity from your lives. Lie down and take a nap. Go outside or do something you’ve been neglecting to do that you know is good for you. Contact someone you haven’t talked to in a long time. You will have a story to tell someone one day - make sure it’s a good one.

Lexi (LakiDoodle, Head Architect)

I joined phoenix October 22 2016. It felt so long ago yet I've only been on Phoenix Network for only a couple months. I got sent phoenix by a random person on discord after asking for a unique minecraft server. When I logged in I knew nothing about towny, but I soon became a master and joined the town of Neapolis, owned by bke1p. Soon after I became friends with a couple people, Yzrch, Fudgie, Brian, Umbra, Becca, Trax and etc. Soon after I became a helper. (Soon after.mp6 has stopped working)

Email: Skype: R3mBot

It's been lots of fun guys and gals, but every show must come to an end, and we are on the final act

I love this server. I love it's people. I'm sad to see it close. I' So yeah, bye... *Tears.mp5*

R3mBot (Helper)